Friday, June 27, 2008

Lost in the month of June...

WOW! is June really almost over? I can't believe how fast this month has FLOWN by!!! I guess being in Washington D.C. for a week doesn't help. I have been really bad about blogging this month and I think it has to do with all the craziness! I was in Washington D.C. from the 11th - the 17th and right before we left we released our new rewrite of RMS for the handhelds, so I have been BUSY BUSY!! So by the time I get home I don't even want to think of looking at my laptop! And I haven't been getting home from work till LATE so by the time I make dinner and clean up its almost 8:30-9:00 and I don't want to start something and end up staying up late! (haha my Dad joked just last night that I am getting to be an old woman that has to go to bed early!)

So anyways on top of cleaning the apartment this weekend, doing laundry, and trying to get Chris to go swimming, I will try to catch everyone up one what has been going on this month in more detail and post pictures from my Washington trip. I will try to update pictures on my MySpace and Facebook too (if you haven't added me yet... you really should!)!

Oh yea and MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 21 DAYS! YAY!!!