Thursday, April 10, 2008

Unpacking my life....

Well I got all moved into my new place this past weekend (actually I got all moved in Friday before dark... and I started Friday morning!!!). Thanks to all the guys who helped me move (Derek, BJ, Steph, Dad, and Chris) I wouldn't have been able to do it all so fast without all of them! I went back and cleaned the old house Saturday morning, my roommate came and got her stuff and all she said to me was Hi! WOW! really? Oh well!

I have almost unpacked ALL of my stuff!! I didn't really realize how much "stuff" I had! Even when packing it up, I think b/c I packed a little at a time I didn't even realize all that I had (and I think stuff was more spread out throughout the house). But while unpacking all of it at once and in closer living quarters I became well aware of just how much "stuff" I really have! So not only did I sort through all of my stuff while I was packing it to weed out anything that I really don't need I am also doing the same thing while I unpack! It is hard b/c I like to keep things that have sentimental value, but i keep having to ask myself how long do you really need to keep hanging on to those shirts from high school that I will never wear again b/c they say Seniors '03 on it and the fact that they don't fit? Or how long do I need to keep magazine clippings for collages that I thought about making here and there? ha ha I guess you could say I am a pack-rat!

So I am sorting through my life once again and cleaning out the clutter! Getting ready for another garage sale! :) I will post pictures soon of the new apartment!!