Sunday, August 31, 2008

CrAzY School Schedule...

Ok so I have survived my first week of school! I just hope I can keep up the pace! I am taking 16 hours plus working full time!!! Some people think I am crazy, but I am just trying to get done! I'm hoping Collin College (formerly known as Collin County Community College) turns into a 4 year college soon like I have been hearing so I don't have to transfer! That would be AWESOME!! Ok so here is my crazy schedule:

Monday: Intro to Visual Basic.Net Programming from 7:00-9:45pm
Tuesday: Intro to Computer Maintenance from 5:45-11:00pm
Wednesday: Database Programming - SQL from 7:00-9:45pm
Thursday: Intro to Computer Maintenance from 5:45-11:00pm
Online: Intro to Multimedia
Online and 1 Saturday a month: Speech from 9-12am (every second Sat. of the month)

Holy cow thats a lot! My Tuesday and Thursday night class is only a 6 week class so I will be done with it by Oct. 14th. Everything else will be done the second week of December. Then I only have 4 classes left to get my AAS in Computer Information Systems (focusing mainly on Programming).

But I'm excited about this semester because all of my classes have some cool things going on. In Comp. Maint. we are going to learn how to take a computer apart and then put it back together and install and Operating System on it (our Final Exam is that we have to do that all on our own and prove to him the computer works). In Multimedia we are doing a lot of stuff with websites so that will be fun. And in VB.Net I am learning about Programming which will help me greatly at work! As well as SQL, it will help me at work with the handhelds.

The one class I am least excited about it Speech. For those of you that know me, know that I am outgoing and friendly. But when it comes to giving speeches and presentations infront of a classroom of people I get nervous and I feel my face getting all hot and red. We had class this Saturday for the first time and we had to give an impromtu speech on a random topic we drew out of a hat. I got house training a dog. It was easy, but I could feel myself getting hot and losing my place. Oh well I guess thats what the class is for.

Well I better get some homework done... more updates later!