Friday, February 27, 2009


Wow it has been a while since I really blogged... life has been so busy lately!

Lets see...

Work - I have handed off my Handheld duties to my new guy. He has been such a GREAT addition to our team! He has picked up everything so quickly and really taken a lot off my plate... but not to worry, I had lots more added to my plate.

My VP called me a "Junior" Programmer the other day ;) kinda has a nice ring to it! I am writing desktop applications for our Company Owned Operations to use. I have already written 2 desktop apps, and published a bunch different Web Reports for our Distributors. I am now in the middle of developing a pretty big applications, hopefully to be release in the next week :)! We are trying to automate a lot of our manual processes and get more visibility to the daily transactions of the business. So that has kept me busy!!!

School - I started another semester of school back in January. I'm not as bogged down with school this semester as last semester, I am only taking 2 classes instead of 5! Some nights I freak out thinking "OMG I have to be missing an assignment" since I am not working on homework, but then I realize "Oh wait! I don't have that much homework! YAY!". So far I am ahead on homework and getting really good grades! These two classes don't really count towards my degree, but they are helping bring my GPA up even more (not that my GPA is bad, I am in the National Technical Honors Society so I have a really good GPA. But every little bit helps even more!)!

Personal - ah this is where it gets a little more complicated... Things have been... well weird! Chris and I decided to end our relationship. We ended on good terms which is good b/c it shows how much he and I have matured in the past few years (me more than him, but thats a different story!!), so we are still friends and we still talk occasionally, we have even hung out a couple times. I was kind of upset for the first few days, not really about us breaking up surprisingly, but of having to face the unknown. I haven't been single in almost 7 years now! and he has been my best friend for those 7 years! We have both known for a while now that we needed to go our seperate ways (he needs to do some more growing up, and needs to take care of himself better before he can really be committed to someone), but neither of us really wanted to be the one to say anything. In some ways I think it would have been easier if we had a big fight or something, but I guess the way things ended just proves to me even more that it really was time to move on. An old country song comes to mind when I think about how we ended our relationship (here's a few lines):

"Ive been bound to leave you, we've known that for awhile
I'm sure its something I cant do if I cant leave you with a smile
I don't know how far Ill have to go til I'm sure those eyes wont cry
And in my mind Ive left enough to know that I cant leave you
With a bad goodbye" - A Bad Goodbye - Clint Black

So I have been spending time finding myself again, hanging out with my sisters and Bro-in-law and Mom and Dad and Ms. J... It has been a lot of fun! Rocky and I have been going on adventures (i will post pictures of these adventures later) and I have been reading a lot more. Some nights watching TV alone gets kind of lonely, but I am getting more used to the idea everyday. Cooking for one person has been kinda weird! I went from cooking for Sarah, Chris and I, to just Chris and I and now just me! Food lasts a lot longer now! haha...

And soon I will be moving. My lease is almost up on my apartment, and i am already tired of apartment living! I got spoiled moving into a house right when i moved out of mom and dads! So i have been looking at a couple different places to move to. I looked at one today that seems to be the one, but Ms. J sent me a contact for a couple more so I will check those out and then make my decision. I am excited about this, it kind of like a new start for my new start! New place, new memories, new me!

In the next few days I will post pictures and other things that i need to catch up on! And I will def. let you know about the house hunting! :)

Until then...



Brings tears to my eyes...very grown up. Too much. I long for that happy little girl...OH! I think she's back!


I can't wait til we're neighbors. I see lots of neighborhood walks in our future!

Love you!
Ms. J