Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I love this crazy, tragic, Sometimes almost magic, Awful, beautful life

ahhh a deep breath.... what a nice thing, to be able to breath for a few minutes... the past few months have been sooo crazy! Hard to keep up with blogging or anything!

I moved into my new place last month (I will be posting pictures soon!), and I think I finally have everything in place! It is so nice to be back in a house all to myself! And an old house, with hardwood floors. All the creaks and moans... music to my ears!

It is an old carriage house, and I am decorating with a vintage (50's) theme.

The downstairs is the garage and the whole top floor is me!!! :) Getting all my furniture upstairs wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... Thanks to Ashley we got most of it done Thursday and Friday, so there wasn't much left for Dad and the boys to do when they got off work! Mom, Ms. J and Steph came and helped too! Mom and Ms. J put my kitchen together while we finished unloading the last of the car loads!

Rocky seems to like it... he has his own couch with his peeps on it...

He really enjoys laying with them... every time I try to move them he brings them back up on the couch!

I do think he misses his back yard from the Bonner house and the porch from the apt. But he adapts very well!

Once I get the house back in order I will take pictures of the inside and post them. As well as post all of the furniture I worked on! I spent WEEKS working on furniture and it all looks great! I have two more cushions left to cover for one of the couches, but I think thats the last thing that needs to be done besides hanging up a few things!

And most of all, I LOVE BEING SINGLE!!! I have no one to be accountable to but myself! And I am free to do whatever/whenever! I have been doing more with Ashley and Mike and the kids, and doing lots of Antiquing with Mom and Ms. J! After 7 years, I feel like this weight has been lifted off of me. I have enjoyed finding myself the most! I have found enjoyment in things I forgot I enjoyed, and enjoy spending time with people that I haven't spent time with in a long time! Just being me...

Well the dog needs to go out... and its time for me to get in bed! More to come soon..