Thursday, June 28, 2012

Nursery theme/ideas

We have been working on ideas for the nursery, we know that we don't want Olivia's room to be super girly and we do want it to have a western theme. So I have found some bedding that I really like and it's really boy, so Mom and I are going to mimic this bedding and give it a girly twist.

Here is a picture of the original bedding I found...
Now to girly it up a bit, everywhere you see the cowboys on horses I am going to replace it with this fabric:

We are going to replace a lot of the dark brown with red and blue so it's not so dark looking, here are some other patterns I want to include somehow:

I have some rustic metals stars left over from my bathroom mirror project we are going to put on the wall above her crib. Here is an example of the stars from my bathroom mirror (ignore the big circle one in the middle):

Here are a few of the signs we have already gotten for her room, we just need to hang them up:

And here is the light switch cover and wall cover we got for her room:
(sorry not sure why this one is sideways).

We already have the wall plates up and a horseshoe rack hanging by the door:

That's all I have for now, as soon as we get more done I will post an update :).

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