Monday, October 3, 2011


Wow so I have been REALLY bad about keeping up to date on my blog so lets see if I can catch you up and stay up to date ;) (Warning: this post might be a little long and have a lot of links to different things). Haha guess at this point I should change my header picture and it should say something like "A story about a girl, her husband and two dogs" now. So Jared and I got another dog (a Beagle named Shiner)
Here he is as a puppy helping me pre-wash the dishes ;). Below is a more recent one of him and Rocky, they are teaching me patience for when we have children especially if we have boys!! They pester each other just like kids like to do, and Shiner likes to bug Rocky just like a little brother!

Jared and I got engaged July 2010, it was a really hot day, we cooked out by the lake and after dinner Jared asked me to dance with him while we were dancing to Wade Bowen "Who I Am" he knelt down and asked me to marry him ;) (awww)! Here is my engagement ring...

Then we were married in April 2011 (April 9th to be exact). Here is our Save The Date.

Here is my full ring set (Jared designed the ring), it was kept a secret from me until the day of the wedding.
Want to see something pretty sad? haha well actually it is pretty amusing... my ring can almost fit inside of Jared's ring (shouldn't be a surprise to those of you that know him, his ring is a size 15!!! and he has a Cowboy's blue ring around the middle of his band). See....

Mom and my sisters and I spent a few months before the wedding, prepping for the wedding. I didn't want the wedding to cost a lot of money and I wanted it to feel very warm and friendly (we had a very casual environment and wanted everything else to be as casual). So we hand made a lot of items for the wedding. Mom did a really good job of blogging about everything we did. If you want to check out the items we made here are a few posts from her blog...
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Cake Stand
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This is what my parents/sisters/brother-in-laws did for Jared and I while we were on our Honeymoon: Final Push - Newly Wed Home (Jared and I both teared up when we got home and saw what all everyone had done for us!)

If you want to check out any wedding photo's here are some links to my facebook photo albums (you don't have to have facebook to view them).

Engagement Pics:
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Bridal Portraits:
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Wedding Weekend:
Rehearsal Dinner

Wedding Part 1

Wedding Part 2

Well I think that is enough for now... in my next blog I will tell you about our Honeymoon - we took a week to travel around a few places in Texas! ;)

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