Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Fur Brothers

Jared and I have two dogs, Rocky is a 4 year old Boston Terrier and Shiner is a 1 year old Beagle.

Rocky when he was a puppy in June 2007

Shiner when he was a puppy in July 2010

They are the closest thing to kids that we have right now and they are more than we need ;). They are so full of energy and just go-go-go... well at least Shiner go-go-goes, Rocky is getting a little more "old man-ish" in his "old" age. He likes to lay outside and bask in the sun, whereas Shiner likes to be in and out and in and out and in and out of the house all day long never sitting still for too long because he might miss something wherever he is not (if he is inside he is missing what Rocky is doing outside, and if he is outside he is missing what Jared and I might be doing inside). He is so nosy and WAY too smart for his own good! ;)

They are pretty inseparable now, Rocky wasn't too sure about Shiner when we first brought him home. The first weekend after we brought Shiner home we took the boys (the dogs) to the lake house, as you can see below Rocky is not too sure about sharing his toy with Shiner...

I captured a video of them playing together that weekend, and this week is the first time I have gone back and watched it. Being over a year later it is funny to see that Shiner still goes at Rocky the same way, as you watch the video watch how Shiner nips at Rocky's back leg like it is a chicken wing. YUP, he still does that to this day! He will just walk up behind him and grab a hold and start tugging. Rocky is super patient with him and just lets him play, Shiner couldn't have asked for a better bigger brother. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure. (Sorry about the yapping noise, Shiner had a pretty squeaky voice. and YES his is as big as Jared's sandal in the video HAHAHA!!)

They really bonded that weekend and became best friends, I even got a few pictures of them snuggling one afternoon after a long day of playing at the lake. They are just soo cute!

They are such goobers and they keep Jared and I on our toes most days, wondering what silly/funny thing they are going to do next. Here are some pictures of them from the last year and a video.
It doesn't really matter if we buy two toys, one for each of them because Shiner ends up with both of them.

Rocky LOVES snow and last year was Shiner's first experience with it. Rocky will roll around and dig his head into the snow, it makes him a wild man. This video shows Rocky all excited trying to get Shiner to play with him in the snow. Shiner is not too sure about it (sorry about the video quality it was taken from a phone)...

They really love swimming, we have a kiddie pool we bring out for them and they love running through it and then running circles around the backyard.

They love swimming at the lake even more than swimming in the kiddie pool. Now when they see us packing a bag and grabbing the fishing poles they get excited and dance around the front door. Jared will ask "Want to go to Oklahoma?" or "Ready to go to the lake house?" and they will start whining and talking until you open the door and let them go out to the truck.

All for one and one for all

My brother and my friend

What fun we have

The time we share

Brothers 'til the end.

~Author Unknown

I LOVE my Boys!

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