Monday, March 8, 2010

Feeling Grown Up...

“Doing all the little tricky things it takes to grow up, step by step, into an anxious and unsettling world.” - Sylvia Plath

Wow I hadn't realized how long its been since I last blogged! Haha I thought being single would give me more time to blog, guess not! A LOT has changed since my last blog, for one I am not single anymore! haha I will get to that later though!

So here is the quick run down of changes in my life...

School is still school! I have 4-6 more classes left and I am sooo ready to be done! Hopefully I can be done in 2-3 semesters!

Work is GREAT! I got another promotion, I am now a System Support Manager. Which pretty much means I run the support group for IOT applications. I am also doing more programming, I have now written and released 4 desktop applications and numerous reports! woohoo!

Its moving time again!! I know I know... I play this game every year, but this year is DIFFERENT!!! I BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! so this time my move will be permanent!! YIPPIE!!! I know my family is happy to hear this too! ;) haha. So about the house, it is a really cute 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house built in 68'. The house has all hardwood floors and is in great condition with a HUGE backyard! Rocky loves it all ready!

Since I don't have to be out of my current place until the end of April we have time to go in and fix up a few things and paint!! We started this process this past weekend (I will post progress pictures soon!) and we have already got my bedroom painted, and 1 coat on in the kitchen. I am so excited to get the house done so I can get moved in already!

So now on to the boyfriend topic... I know thats what your really interested in hearing about ;) haha!

A few months ago a guy I went to middle school in Dallas with and I reconnected on FB. We had reconnected a couple times over the past few years, but Chris and I were together so nothing more than just a friendly "hi, hows life treating you kinda thing". This time it was different, I jokingly asked him when he was going to come visit me since he lived in Denton which isn't too far. When he replied back and said maybe next weekend I thought yea whatever he is just saying that to be nice. And he ended up not saying anything about it or coming out, so I really just figured that he said it just to be nice.

A couple weeks later I decided to joke about him not coming out and asked him when he was really gonna come see me. This time he said that weekend he would come out, I wasn't holding my breath about it. But when I got a text from him in the middle of the week (when I hadn't given him my number), I thought ok maybe he is for real this time. And he was!! We went out that weekend and had a lot of fun (this was at the end of January)! And we have been dating ever since! :) Things are great!

well I have to run for now, I will try to be better about posting. I will start posting more on the house soon too!