Monday, March 8, 2010

Sunday Funday!

After working hard Friday night and Saturday on the house, we decided Sunday we were going to have fun! So my new guy "J" (name hidden to protect the innocent ;) haha) and I decided to go to the gun range!

I was super excited about going to the gun range. I haven't shot a gun in years to be honest. Oh how I miss the days of shooting out at the farm...

Me and the Sister's at the farm...

HAHA anyways! Once we got there J told me the rules... If I am going to shoot I am going to load my own gun! Haha so I loaded the guns and had a blast! I got to shoot a 40 Cal and a 357 mag.

He had to load his own ammo too ;).

J hung up the targets so that we each had our own targets and then we had a person outline to shoot at.

His target is the green one in the top left corner and mine is the red one in the top right corner. The shots on the body of the person are my shots before J started shooting... I did pretty good for my first time out! He was pretty impressed! ;) haha watch out now!

We had a lot of fun at the gun range and I hope to do it again soon! I really enjoyed spending the day with J doing something a little different!
haha yea i am a nerd, but was super excited about how well i shot! Daddy didn't raise no girl! HAHAHA!!!

The video is me shooting at the range, if you watch the middle black part of the target you can see it turn green when i hit it. :)

till next time...