Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I like to Move It Move It....

Well this past weekend was filled with lots of MOVING!!! With the help of my older Sister, her husband and kids (yes the kids helped!) and my boyfriend we were able to get all my big furniture moved over to the house Friday night. We were even able to get all the furniture that Mike (my brother-in-law) was storing in his garage, I know this made him happy! I spent my first night in the new house Friday night! WOOHOO! It finally felt real!

Saturday, Ashely and I spent the day running errands and getting a lot of the little crap that was left at the old place. We brought over my everyday dishes, I still have to get my nice dishes from the old place! This week I will finish up getting all the random stuff that seems to keep growing everytime I turn around, and my clothes (I only took enough to get me through today! eek!)!

This weekend we are road tripping it up to OK! I am so excited! I get to spend the weekend with Jared and his parents and grandparents! Its gonna be so much fun!

Hopefully I will get my internet hooked up at the new house next week so I can upload all my pictures of the house! till then...

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