Sunday, March 16, 2008

Cleaning and Packing

I spent my day today cleaning the house and starting to pack stuff up. I LOVE the house I am in, but the roommate situation is no good and I can't afford it myself. But after going apartment hunting yesterday I am actually getting excited about moving (not necessarily to an apartment, just a change of scenery)! I looked at a couple different apartments here in town and there was one that I found that is awesome!! All I need to do now is take my application back up there with all the fee's that go with it, since I don't know if the house will rent before May 31st I can't give them an exact move in date. But if I am approved and I put my deposit down they will hold an apartment for me.

I guess I should back up a little and tell you why I am moving... my roommate lost her job, so she started working part time at a job she had before. I got her a temp. job at my work, once they didn't need her anymore they let her go and she was going to start working full time for the other company. WELL something happened or fell apart or something, but she disappeared for like a week, and when she finally started showing up again she would come home long enough to take a shower grab some clothes then leave again. She bounced TWO rent checks and she wasn't working that I know of. Plus one of her friends said that she started experimenting with drugs. So needless to say things were kind of weird around here. Well now the guy she was hanging out with pretty much ditched her so she is around the house more, but she locks herself up in her room! WHATEVER!! So now she doesn't really have the means to live here and like I said before I can't afford to live here by myself.

My landlord was nice enough to in a way let us get out of our lease early. She is going to put the house up for rent and if it rents before our lease is up then no penalty on us, but we do have to honor the lease till May 31st at the latest. I just hope that my roommate can keep up her half of the bills till then.Hopefully this week I will get my tax return so I can take it and put it towards the new place :)!!!

So why am I cleaning and packing now you ask? Well, the house needs to be clean so the landlord can show it. And instead of cleaning around things, I might as well pack away the things I won't need in the next couple of months. Also, I am planning on having a garage sale next weekend so if I start sorting through things now I will find more stuff to put in the garage sale! I hope to make some good money on my garage sale! It feels good going through stuff that you haven't really touched in a year or so. This time around (moving) I am getting rid of anything that I haven't really looked at in a year. I'm trying not to hold on to all this clutter that I do, since I am down sizing I really don't have space for clutter!

It's kind of frustrating knowing that you worked your a$$ off today cleaning and getting things in order for my landlord to start showing the house, and my roommate who told me that she would be home today to clean her room and bathroom WASN'T!! She came home around 11 and then left again and then came home and slept all afternoon then woke up and left again and then came back and then left for good! As she was walking out the door she said that she was going to clean tomorrow, but her idea of cleaning is putting everything in garbage bags and taking it to her parents!?! Oh well as long as its off the floor and her room looks nice!

I had more written, but I don't want to look like I am writing a book so I cut it out to make another blog out of it...