Thursday, March 27, 2008

Which Jane Austen Heroine Are You?

Elizabeth Bennet

You are memorable, lovely and clever, the life of the party... you always have the perfect thing to say in every situation. Your honesty, virtue, and lively wit enable you to rise above the nonsense and bad behavior that pervade your money-seeking and often spiteful society. Nevertheless, your sharp tongue and tendency to make hasty judgments often lead you astray... if not careful; you can display qualities that you despise - pride and prejudice. But if you can get past negative first impressions, your life and love story will be epic!!!

** Haven't really read any of her books but I would like to if anyone has some I can borrow.**



Ok so I watched Pride and Prejudice this weekend (thanks Mom for telling me it was on!) and I would have to say that I do feel I am like Lizzy Bennet! What a great movie! although sometimes I did have trouble catching all they were saying b/c they talk so fast and Keira Knightly barely opens her mouth when she speaks! Other than that I would have to say that movie has moved to one of my top movie choices!