Monday, March 24, 2008

Too much WORK not enough PLAY!

My Spring Break flew by WAY too fast! So this week its back to school for me... and what kind of welcome back do I get? OOOOHHHH Midterms!!! UGH!! The only one I'm really nervous about is SQL Server! I think I have about 6 weeks left of school which isn't too bad!
The garage sale went really well this weekend! I don't think we could have asked for better weather!! It was sunny and warm outside, but not too warm! I got a little sun burnt on my face Friday, but Saturday I tried to be good about keeping lotion on. I made pretty good money on the sale, so I'm not complaining!
The only thing I will complain about is that the 3 day weekend went by way too fast! I felt like I spent most of the weekend working instead of being able to enjoy it! Oh well there will always be more weekends! Easter Sunday was fun (I even didn't really mind FREEZING at the sunrise service Sunday morning!)! We all went back to Mom and Dad's after church for breakfast. We all started playing
Wii and Lauren (my niece) was "roasting" us at bowling! It was hilarious! When my player wasn't doing what I wanted her to do Lauren told me that I just needed to get along with her and then she would help me win. Ha ha she is so cute!
Well my roommate stopped by the house Friday to get some more of her stuff to take to her parents house.... she wants to sell her bedroom set on craig's list and while we were talking about it I told her that even though she has moved most of her stuff out and she wasn't sleeping there she still has to pay the bills... I am getting nervous that she is going to skip out on her part of the bills which is REALLY frustrating! I wish they would hurry up and rent the house so I can be done with all of this!!!