Friday, March 14, 2008

It's all about ME!!

emilyWell lets see... I currently have a GREAT job that I LOVE! Some days are a little more stressful than others, but you have to take the good with the bad, and I feel like I am lucky to have my job! What is this great job I speak of... I am a Support Analyst which is a fancy term for saying "I am the handheld guru for my department and help people out in the field with their handheld issues" (I don't know how comfortable I feel putting a bunch of person information out on the web so I will leave out what company I work for, those of you that know me already know where I work so no need to remind you! ha ha) One of my new most favorite people in the world from Suffolk County, New York has nicknamed me PRINCESS (not b/c I am snobby or anything like that) so I have become known as the Princess of Handhelds!
I am also a FULL - TIME student (and this semester by full time I mean taking 15 HOURS (5 classes) full time!!!) working towards my Computer Information Technologies degree! I take most of my classes online so I can work full time, this semester however I do have one night class on Thursday nights from 7-9:40! So pretty much I wake up, go to work, come home do homework or go to class, then go to bed. On weekends most of the time I am working on homework... Sometimes I feel burnt out on school, but I know in the end when I am done I will feel so good about sticking with it!
Why am I still in college when I graduated 5 years ago (man that's scary to think about!!) you ask? WELL... I have changed my major about 4 times now, lets see first it was Play Therapist, then it was Interior Decorator, then Nursing, then Elementary Education, and now it is CIT. So I have about 43 credit hours that don't count towards
JaCk! So my advice to any high school seniors out there.... take your basics the first year and maybe second year of college, but PLEASE be actively researching what you want to do! I spoke to a friend the other day that I hadn't talked to in about a year... he asked how things were going and I gave my standard answer "oh good just you know work and school!" his comment back (which really hit me that I need to hurry up and get done) was "School?? What are you, on the 7 year plan?" - Its a pretty funny comment, but I need to be more motivated to finish! But it also doesn't help that I have taken a couple of semesters off here and there.
I guess now I should tell you a little more about my personal life... I moved out of my parent's house about a year ago almost (nothing bad happened, no falling out or anything like that it was just time for me to "spread my wing little birdie" as my mother is fond of saying) and I love it! I do have a roommate at the moment but that is soon about to change (I will have to write about that in another post)!
And my adorable child is the love of my life... before you start thinking anything
BAD... I'm talking about my Boston Terrier - Rockstar (A.K.A. Rocky)!

He is so full of personality, me laughing so hard all the time. And his AtTiTuDe!! Man he is not afraid to give you some tude! He will be a year old in April, he knows how to sit, shake, lay, give high fives, kennel, and kind of roll over... we are still working on getting ALL the way over on rollover and we are working on here! He LOVES playing with his toys and he loves forcing you to play with them as well! He has a bed time and if you stay up past his bed time he will go to bed without you! Or if he stays up too late he will try to stay in bed under the covers as long as possible (lazy bum!) and he loves to "huff" at you if you aren't doing what he wants you to do or thinks you should be doing, or if you are trying to get him to do something he REALLY doesn't want to do!

Well I think I have written enough for now, I will post more later...