Thursday, May 31, 2012

23 Weeks!

Jared and I took our hospital tour this past weekend, it was pretty cool to get to see everything! There were about 4 other couples in our group and I was the only one that said I wanted to have a natural child birth. The nurse doing the tour showed us the room for natural births and there was a tub in there, I thought Jared was going to pass out at the idea of having a water baby. Come to find out the tub is used for pain management, not for birthing babies ;). hahah jokes on us! I was telling my Dr about it on Tuesday at my 23 wk check up and she started laughing and said if you want to have a water baby you will be birthing that baby by yourself and handing it to me, I am NOT getting in that tub with you! hahaha I really like my Dr and apparently so do lots of others, all the other couples on the tour with us go to my Dr. While we were at the hospital we checked out the gift shop, they have some really cute stuff in there... and Jared picked out Olivia's first head band (so cute! and i am sure none of you will be surprised that it is maroon)!

My 23 wk check up went great! I go back in 4 weeks (end of June) for my 27 wk check up and glucose test, then I will start going to the Dr every two weeks. Wow time is REALLY going by fast!!

We bought Olivia her first pair of crocs last night, they are so tiny and cute!! I can't wait to see her in them!

How far along? 23 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  -15 lbs  - got an official weight from the Dr. on Tuesday
Maternity clothes? some, it's funny since i have lost weight some of my pre-pregnancy shirts fit better now.
Stretch marks? No new ones ;) had some before I got pregnant.
Sleep: Sleep is good most nights
Best moment this week: actually seeing my stomach move when she kicks
Miss Anything? an ice cold beer after a long rough day at work
Movement: LOTS!
Food cravings: milk
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing really
Have you started to show yet: a little more still don't have a real baby bump yet
Gender: GIRL!!
Labor Signs: No
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy! although lately tears seem to be ready to sprout at any minute.
Looking forward to: going out of town with my husband in a few weeks. :)

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