Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Baby Moore is a....

On May 2nd, Jared and I got to see our little peanut!! Peanut is a wiggly little thing! When the sonogram lady (Rebecca) started peanut's head was on my left side, once Rebecca was done looking around at peanut's living space she went back to the left side to start showing us everything from head to toe only to find out peanut's feet were now on my left side. It probably didn't help that I had sweet tea at lunch (oops)! Anyways our little peanut finally moved into the perfect position for us to determine if peanut is a he or a she...
The view of the picture above is as if she is sitting on a glass table and you are looking up from underneath. No little boy parts poking out from between her legs ;) hahaha! Rebecca was able to take a few measurements and determine that she is weighing 12 oz, and is in the 54th percentile. I have to go back next week, since she was so wiggly there were a few organs Rebecca could not get a good picture of for the Dr. She did assure us that she is perfectly healthy and growing like crazy! We got to see all four chambers of her heart and saw them functioning, and Jared got to hear her heartbeat for the first time. 

So here we have Ms. Olivia Anne :). She already looks so sweet! She kept trying to suck her thumb and was getting frustrated with Rebecca pushing around on her. She is already sassy too, if the band on my pants is pushing on her she will push right back until I adjust the band! Sounds like Jared and I are going to have our hands full.

The Gender Reveal Party Saturday night was so fun! The cupcakes were so yummy!! We really appreciate all the family and friends that were able to join us!
                         It's a GIRL!!!!

A while back I bought an iron on for a t-shirt and the saying works for a boy or a girl "Daddy's getting a new fishing buddy". I knew that if it was a boy I would just leave the iron on as is, but seeing as though it is a girl I had to bling it up and make it girly! After we revealed that we were having a girl I changed into my new shirt and i love it!! I added a pink bow to the fish and put glitter on a few of the words... I will have to see if I can find a better picture of the shirt :).

Not too much has changed in the last week, here are my answers though :)

How far along? 20 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss:  -12 lbs
Maternity clothes? 1 pair of maternity jeans but still getting by with just a belly band and my reg jeans!
Stretch marks? No new ones ;) had some before I got pregnant.
Sleep: Sleep is good most nights, still trying to get used to only being able to sleep on my sides
Best moment this week: I am at the halfway mark!! Woohoo!
Miss Anything? A yummy Shiner or two... or three. and Sushi!!!
Movement: lots more movement this week
Food cravings: candy (not chocolate, sweets like Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, Sweet Tarts), Burgers, and spicy food like hot wings/buffalo chicken sandwiches
Anything making you queasy or sick: nothing really
Have you started to show yet: a little
Gender: GIRL!! (the old wives tale about heart rates was correct for me, and so was the Chinese Gender Calendar!)
Labor Signs: No, goodness I hope not!
Belly Button in or out? In
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy!
Looking forward to: another ultra sound next week :)

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